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Cemetery News

Many thanks to our amazing volunteers who have worked so hard this summer, your efforts at the cemetery have been magnificent and are hugely appreciated!

We have focussed attention on the cemetery compost area, and have dug deeply and bagged up some wonderful compost for use by the community. The area has now been divided into three separate sections using wooden dividers and metal posts. Each section will be filled and emptied in rotation so that compost will always be available. The area now seems to be used responsibly with not too much evidence of plastic waste.  

One of our volunteers has completed the laborious task of painting the front railings, which are looking splendid.  In addition, the 200-metre perimeter fence has had two full coats of wood protector. This was no mean task!  

Earlier this year we applied to be considered for the 2023 Churchyard award scheme, run annually by the Diocese of Lichfield.  We were given permission by the scheme to apply as a cemetery and there were about 50 entries. The results were announced at an event in Stafford on Saturday 14 October. Everyone received either a bronze, silver or gold certificate from Bishop Sarah, and we were delighted that our Friends Group was awarded a gold certificate and also a nature friendly certificate.

On the 9th September, the cemetery chapel was open and manned as a Ride and Stride site.  We had lots of visitors, not all of whom were involved in the event.  We raised £22 in donations which were given to one of our members to submit with her Church Ride and Stride sponsorship.

We recently applied to the Rural Charity, run by Shropshire and West Midlands Agricultural Society, for a grant to buy a battery powered lawnmower.  This will be used to cut the grass on either side of the main path and on some of the other paths.  We are most grateful to the Trustees of the scheme for very kindly approving our application and for buying us a wonderful lawnmower, which is now in use!

We are hoping to open the cemetery chapel as often as possible - please look out for our notices. Alternatively please contact Judy Crichton on 01939 234489 or Hazel Adkins on 01939 235559 and we will be happy to arrange a viewing.

We always need new volunteers for our group, please get in touch if you can help in any small way.

Friends of Whitchurch Road Cemetery


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