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There are also 10 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-18 war and 1 of the 1939-45 war.

Several graves of important historical significance are found in the cemetery.  The most notable is that of the hybridist Henry Eckford, who moved to Wem in 1888 to continue his work with sweet peas and to start his world famous seed business.  He died in 1905 and his memorial is located beyond the chapel.    

Three past Rectors of Wem Parish are buried in the cemetery.  Their graves are towards the end of the central path behind the chapel.    They are Revd Harry Vane Russell, Rector from 1873 to 1895, buried in 1895, the Revd Hon. Archibald Parker, Rector from 1905 to 1931,  buried in 1931 and the Revd Percy Reginald Turner, Rector from 1931 to 1951, buried in 1966.

The cemetery is a haven for wildlife.  The abundant wild flowers include several kinds that were typical of old meadows but which have become scarce in the countryside.  These, in turn, attract many butterflies, other insects and birds.

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