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Whitchurch Road Cemetery, Wem


This unusual graveyard, separate from the church building, is beautifully maintained and developed by a voluntary group of 'Friends'. An excellent main noticeboard explains the history. A further board along the path to the chapel displays pictures and species information. The site is being well managed to be nature friendly with a wildflower / meadow area, log piles, brashing and areas of differing lengths of grass. Nesting boxes are provided - and the lych gate has been identified by one bird as a good nesting site! After allowing for 'no mow May' a regular mowing regime is implemented resulting in an excellent overall appearance, while retaining designated longer grass areas. The 'all over' approach to mowing means that the graves are neat and tidy. Some well-placed benches off the main paths provide peaceful spaces for visitors to rest, reflect and remember. Many thanks and congratulations go all the Friends for maintaining and developing this cemetery into such an attractive, peaceful place.

Suggestions for development:

Consider how to introduce water for wild life

Might the inclusion of verses or quotes promote prayer and reflection?

Judy Crichton & Hazel Adkins at the Awards Ceremony

Friends of Whitchurch Road Cemetery


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