History of the St Peter


In 1552 there were 2 great bells and a Sanctus Bell.   In 1677, during the Great Fire of Wem, the bells were destroyed and 5 bells were recast and hung during 1679 to 1680.  The bells were recast in 1768 by Thomas Rudhall of Gloucester,  a 6th bell was added in 1771, and in 1897, 2 more, cast by Mears and Stainbank of London were added to bring the total to 8.   The last 2 bells were to commemorate the 60th Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

In the late 1980’s,  a crack, in the tenor bell, was repaired and the bell re-hung.  Subsequently the crack re-appeared and resulted in a note which was dull with a reduced pitch and was noticeable even to a non-musical ear.   Following advice from the Shropshire Association of Church Bell Ringers, and other professionals, it was decided that the bell needed to be replaced, at considerable cost, with a brand new bell.   However, following some research by Darrell Pickett he located, on the Keltek Trust Web site, a bell, cast by John Taylors & Co in 2000, and compatible with ours.   This bell was cast for a Church in Leicestershire,  but for various reasons was not hung.   The cracked bell was removed on 17th October 2013 and taken to Taylors where the metal will be used in the casting of other bells.  The replacement bell was delivered and hung on 22nd / 23rd January 2014.  A slideshow of pictures taken during the installation can be seen by clicking here.

Treble Bell cast in 1897 No 7 Bell cast in 1768 New Tenor (cast in 2000) being positioned

and St Paul Bells

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