Tower Update - 2021


From August 2020 the tower has undergone some changes (these often get forgotten about when ringing is taking place).

When the 2nd Coronavirus Lockdown restrictions eased in 2020, the bells and fittings were given a service. All the wheels and stays were treated with oil based stain, the frame has been touched up and the bells painted. Clock hammers that strike the quarters and the hour have also been lubricated and painted. The tolling hammer that strikes on the Tenor has been put back into action (The black sally in the porch).

In the ringing room, the walls have been touched up, a smaller table and cabinet have replaced the old bulky wardrobe (succumbing to woodworm!) Clock hammer pull offs have been renewed, painted red to remind people to pull them off!   New lighting throughout the tower has made access easier and safer.

We rely on visiting ringers from all over to help us here, if you would like to know more please do get in touch!

A larger view of the pictures can be seen by clicking on a picture, see and listen to the bells by clicking on the picture below.

By Gareth Jones - Captain of Bells