St Peter and St Paul Bells

Data Sheet


Bell 1

England, thy Queen sixty years hast thou seen,

And thy wealth, peace and glory are famous in story.

These soon might be past:  But thy Church will last

For only God's glory is not transitory

Bell 2

Naglia Regina stat Sexagesimus annus

stat tibi nunc etiam Gloria, pax et opus

Caetera fac pereant, stst setque ecclesia; stabit

Gloria quod nostril stat sine fide dei

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Bell 3

Peace and good neighbourhood.   1768

Bell 4

Fear God honour the King

Bell 5

Thomas Rudhall cast us all. 1768

Bell 6

Samuel Bradshaw   Samuel Jones

Churchwardens 1768.

Bell 7

Prosperity to this Parish.  1768

Bell 8

I to the Church the living call and to the grave do summon all.

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